Wednesday, November 28, 2012

(not so) Wordless Wednesday: Not for Sale

Note:  This is the third post appearing on FAIPs as part of the 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM AGAINST GENDER BASED VIOLENCE (November 25 - December 20, 2012). Posts appearing here will look at this issue with a focus on our most vulnerable and defenseless - our children.For All Intents & Purposes, So Glad You Stopped By!

HeB is the owner of For All Intents & Purposes. As a SwAAW (Strong-willed African-American Woman), HeB reserves the right to speak her mind, voice her opinion, and just tell it like it is. A Baby-boomer - whose voice was shaped by the Last Poets, the Funkadelics, Malcolm, Martin, incense, and black-lights - HeB's voice is not dictated by her employer, professional,social, philanthropic, academic, educational or service or organization of which she is a member or affiliated.

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